Instructions for Bed Tents

Bed tents come in many styles for both boys and girls. The right tent can transform a plain twin bed into a magical place to sleep and play. Kids can choose character designs, cars, trucks, castles, fairies or traditional camping styles. There are many setup designs available but most follow a dome tent structure.

Lay the child's bed tent on top of the twin bed mattress. Unfold it and orient it in the position you will want it to be in once it is set up. Make sure the bed tent will open in the correct direction so your child can get in and out of it easily.

Snap the poles together. Most child's bed tents come with two shock-corded poles. Unfold these and push them together. This will create two long poles.

Push the poles into the two pole sleeves located on the child's bed tent. The poles will cross over each other. Make sure to also pass the poles through any loops designed to hold the poles in place.

Gently push the exposed ends of the pole into the small fabric pockets designed to hold them in place. Repeat for the other second pole. The poles will need to arc over each other to fit securely into the pockets.

Secure any hooks, ties or hook and loop closures necessary to connect the child's bed tent fabric to the poles. You should now have what looks like a small tent laying on top of your child's bed.

Secure the tent to the bed, if necessary. Some child's bed tents have a pocket into which the twin mattress slides 1. Some have ties to tie to bed posts. Others have just a tent bottom that sits directly on the mattress.


If the tent slides around on the bed or you have trouble with it sliding off, you can sew small strips of fabric onto the corners and use those to tie to the bed posts. That will hold it in place.

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