Big Wheel Assembly Instructions

As its name suggests, the Big Wheel has one large wheel at the front and two smaller wheels at the rear. Pedals attached to the front wheel provide the motive power. The seat can be moved forward or backward a accommodate different sizes of riders. Assembling this little vehicle only requires a couple of common household tools.

Pull the plastic caps off the ends of the metal rear axle and discard them. Place one of the metal axle caps on a firm surface with the open end facing upward. Push one end of the metal axle into the cap. Tap the top of the axle with a hammer to drive the axle into the cap until it is fully seated.

Slide one of the rear wheels onto the axle--with the spoked side facing outwards--until it makes contact with the axle cap. Place the wheel on the ground so that the axle is facing upwards vertically. Line up the axle holes in the rear of the Big Wheel body and slide it onto the axle until the body rests on the inside of the wheel.

Place the other rear wheel over the protruding end of the axle with the spoked side facing upwards. Tap the remaining metal axle cap onto the end of the axle with a hammer until it is fully seated. Pull on both rear wheels to ensure the axle caps are seated properly.

Slide one of the pedal washers into the slot in the underside of the one of the pedals with the cupped side facing the outside of the pedal. Place the pedal crank on the edge of a table or workbench. Side the pedal onto the end of the crank and tap it with a hammer until the end of the crank is driven though the washer.

Slide the opposite end of the crank through the hole in the center of the front wheel. Place two wheel spacers over each side of the wheel at the pedal crank. Tap the spacers with a hammer to seat them against the outside edges of the wheel. Attach the remaining pedal to the other side of the crank in the same fashion. Pull on each pedal to ensure they are fastened securely.

Place the horizontal sections on each side of the crank into the slots on the bottom of the front wheel fork. Place fork blocks to the underside of the fork to secure the crank into place. Drive one inch screws into the top of the fork blocks and 5/8 inch screws into the underside of the blocks. Tighten all screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Push the top of the fork assembly through the hole at the front of the Big Wheel body 2. Push the handlebar assembly over the protruding fork though the top of the body. Ensure the fork blocks and the rear of the handlebars are facing the rear of the Big Wheel. Tighten 1 ¾ inch screws through the mounting holes at the front and back of the handlebar with a Phillips screwdriver.

Push the seat back into position in the desired mounting holes at the rear of the body.


The plastic caps only protect the pieces during transit; make sure you remove these before trying to assemble the vehicle.


Do not over tighten the fork block screws or the plastic pieces may become damaged.

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