How to Disassemble a Force FX

Originally produced by Master Replicas and now produced by Hasbro, the Star Wars Force FX lightsabers are replicas of the Jedi's famous weapon 1. Using a series of LED lights in the blade and electronic sound chip in the handle, the lightsabers will light up and produce sound effects straight from the movies. There as several available based on the most popular characters in the Stat Wars universe. If you want to disassemble yours, be warned, as doing so will require the cutting of wires, rendering your Force FX lightsaber non-functional. Also keep in mind that each lightsaber is different, so this guide gives only general instructions.

Unscrew the battery cap at the end of the hilt. Slide the battery pack out of the hilt.

Remove the screws located near the top of the handle. Again, all Force FX lightsabers are different, so the screws may be in different locations. Look for any screws that appear to hold the handle together and remove them.

Remove any small parts attached to the handle. Depending on your Force FX model, there may be some decorative parts attached to the handle, such as thumb screws or power switches. Remove any screws holding these pieces in place and remove them.

Locate the actual power switch, typically near the middle of the handle. The switch will probably have some sort of covering held in place by a screw. Remove the screw and covering. Pull the switch away from the handle and cut the wires connecting it to the internal circuit board.

Slide the blade assembly out of the handle. The blade is connected to the internal electronics of the lightsaber and the electronics are covered by a plastic housing.

Remove the tape holding two halves of the electronics housing together.

Remove the two pins holding the blade in place. Slide the blade up and off of the internal LED panel. The LED panel is permanently connected to the internal circuit board, so if you want to remove it you will need to cut the wires.


Once you've removed the blade, you can reassemble the handle and use it for display or as an accessory to a costume.


Taking apart your Force FX lightsaber will destroy its functionality and void your warranty.

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