How do I Disassemble a Step2 Playhouse?

Step2 manufactures more than 30 plastic play structures for children. Each of these playhouses vary in theme and design but most of the basic assembly is essentially the same. These playhouses are specifically manufactured to snap together with few tools and as little frustration as possible, and disassembly is just as straightforward. Step2 playhouses are easily disassembled to be moved or stored, but the process does require a few tools.

Remove any batteries and loose accessories from the playhouse 1.

Unsnap and remove outside accessories such as balusters, porch railings and welcome mats.

Unscrew and remove doors, tables and other movable objects inside the playhouse 1.

Remove the screws holding the roof in place and pull the roof from the structure.

Locate the fasteners and separate the walls of the playhouse 1. The walls may simply snap together or may be held together with screws.

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