How to Keep Toddlers From Climbing on Window Sills

A climbing toddler can quickly get into trouble in the home. Even common areas such as window sills can present significant risks to a child unless you childproof your home and engage in careful supervision 1. Protect your child from injury by keeping him away from window sills. The injury you prevent could be devastating -- serious falls and trauma can occur.

Move all furniture away from windows to prevent your toddler from climbing to window sills from furniture. Furniture to keep away from windows includes chairs, footstools, dressers and tables, warns the WebMD website.

Install window guards over windows if you open them, according to the SafeBeginnings website 3. A window screen alone will not keep a child from falling through the window. The window guard you install must fit the size and style of the window.

Supervise your toddler's play and activities at all times, advises Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff and Sharon Mazel, authors of "What to Expect the Second Year: From 12 to 24 Months." Even with careful childproofing of your home, including windows, you should not leave a toddler unattended or unsupervised at any time 23.

Remove your toddler from around the window or the window sill if he begins to climb. Tell your toddler, "No climbing. We don't climb near the window. You could fall." Take your toddler away from the window and redirect him to distract him. By staying consistent with the windows, your toddler will begin to learn limits over time.


Even with the best childproofing and with a laid-back toddler who doesn't seem driven to explore and climb, don't let down your guard. Remain vigilant with window supervision to prevent climbing.

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