How to Hang Stuffed Animals From the Ceiling of a Child's Room

Stuffed animal storage can be a nightmare for many parents as the number of cuddly critters a child adopts continues to grow over time. Toy boxes and bookshelves provide stuffed animal storage, but they also take up considerable floor space. So how do you store all of these stuffed animals in a limited space when your child refuses to part with even one furry friend? Hang a toy hammock or toy chain to create a stuffed animal storage solution while saving precious floor space.

Using a Storage Net or Hammock

Select the location where you wish to hang the storage net or hammock. Keep in mind that installing the net over a crib or a child’s bed presents the potential risk of strangulation. Choose a location away from where the child sleeps. Also, select a location away from ceiling vents. This prevents potential loss of air flow and also reduces the dust that may gather on the stuffed animals.

Use a pencil to mark the installation location of the three hooks that will support the hammock. One hook will install in the corner where the two walls meet and the other two hooks will install a few feet from the corner on each wall. Spread the hammock out and hold it up to ensure proper fit before actually installing the support hooks. Keep the hammock somewhat loose. An overly stretched hammock will not support the stuffed animals properly.

Install the mounting hooks, making sure that the hook faces upward. The hardware is included when purchasing a ready-made hammock or you can purchase the support hooks from most hardware stores when using a handmade net. Always follow the manufacturer’s hardware installation instructions.

Hang the rear section of the hammock from the corner hook. Then gently hang the ends of the hammock to the corresponding wall hooks.

Place the stuffed animals on the hammock and arrange them as desired.

Using a Storage Chain

Select the location where you want to hang the toy storage chain. Keep in mind that installing the chain over a crib or a child’s bed presents the potential risk of strangulation. Choose a location away from where the child sleeps.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for how to secure the chain. This step may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Attach the stuffed animals to the chain. Open the clips by squeezing them with your finger and gently slide part of the stuffed animal into the clip. The clip should hold the animal securely once you release the clip. Repeat the process until all of the animals you wish to hang are attached to the chain.


Use wall anchor hardware if the standard mounting hardware fails to secure the system to the wall properly.


Always make sure not to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit when hanging stuffed animals. Wall damage can occur if you overfill the chain or net.

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