How to Clean a Baby's Playpen

Playpens--also known as pack and plays--get dirty very easily due to milk dripping out of baby bottles, diapers leaking and spit up. If playpens aren't kept clean and sanitized on a regular basis, they become a breeding ground for bacteria. Along with food and drink, dirt and dust become lodged into the corners and netting. These particles are unhealthy to be breathing in and if your baby has allergies, that makes it even worse for her to be in a dirty playpen.

Wipe up any messes or spills before you begin to clean.

Remove the mat that lines the bottom of the playpen by unsnapping or simply lifting it out.

Wash linings--or anything else that is able to be laundered--in a washing machine set to the hottest temperature.

Fill a bucket with hot water while adding a dye and perfume free detergent or soap.

Use a washcloth or sponge and begin scrubbing the entire outside and inside of the playpen including the netting, rails, underside and bottom.

Rinse out the bucket and repeat the above step with fresh water and soap to ensure that all dust, dirt and germs have been removed.

Empty the bucket and fill with plain hot water 1. Using a new washcloth or sponge, wipe away all of the soap that is left over.

Repeat the above step until the playpen is completely free of any detergent or soap.

Using a dry towel, wipe the entire playpen down again and allow to air dry before the next use.