Mobiles That Will Attach to a Pack & Play or Play Yard

Many pack and plays or play yards come equipped with a bassinet, mobile, changing station and diaper organizer. If you have a pack and play without a mobile, there are many options for purchasing and attaching one separately. These mobiles come in a variety of different styles and brands. Some mobiles play music and spin around as well.

Musical Mobile

Musical mobiles can be purchased and attached easily to any pack and play or play yard. They come with an arm that extends from the base over the crib area and can be mounted on the side. Many mobiles have dials to start the music and movement. The Tiny Love Nature's Soothing Serenade Mobile has aquatic animals that revolve and zigzag around little ponds while playing one of four songs 1. This mobile can be activated by either pushing the button on the base or using a remote. These mobiles are suitable from birth and helps develop vision and cognition.

Moving Mobiles

Mobiles that move are great for any pack and play or play yard. They attach to the sides of a play yard just like they would a crib. Mobiles don't have to only move around in a circle, many mobiles move side to side or flutter like the Infantino Flutterbug Mobile, which is attached to a base that extends up from the play yard and flutters when touched.

Multi-Functional Mobiles

Multi-functional mobiles are convenient if you want to move it around often. The Tiny Love 3-in-1 Mobile can be used in a crib, attached to a play yard or attached to an infant car seat 1. These mobiles are generally smaller in size, and some do come with music and movement.

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