How to Replace the Battery on Thomas the Tank Engine Toys

Battery-operated toys have a way of appearing to break down, when, really, they just need a change of batteries. When a child has a battery-operated toy that he plays with it helps to know how to replace the batteries so that the toy continues to work with minimal waiting time. A Thomas the Tank Engine toy is one such toy that is battery-operated, but has a slightly more difficult battery-changing process.

Look for the opening to the battery compartment. Flip the toy upside down, because the battery compartment should be located between the wheels of the train.

Pinch the wheels of the toy together. Place one finger on one wheel and your thumb on the opposite wheel. Squeeze them together to see if this forces the battery compartment to release. Some Thomas the Tank Engine toys have this type of design, while others have a different style.

Unscrew the battery compartment with a screwdriver 1. Some Thomas the Tank Engine toys only require you to unscrew the battery compartment, rather than fussing with squeezing the wheels together. You will need a screwdriver that corresponds to the type of screws that are in place in the toy.

Pull out the old batteries and discard them. Place fresh batteries into the compartment, following the diagram in the compartment.

Close the compartment and secure the screw. If you don't hear the compartment lock into place, the batteries may fall out.


Always read toy instruction manuals for specific instructions on battery size and required tools.

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