How to Build a LEGO Baseball Stadium

Baseball is often called "the national pastime," and there are fans of the sport in every city. Some of these fans may also be fans of the LEGO building system, and want to honor their favorite team by way of building a LEGO baseball stadium 1. If you're interested in the undertaking, you will need to construct a large surface to build the field on, which will take a while. When it's finished, the field can be a hugely inspiring sight for any baseball fanatic.

Lay out the LEGO baseplates in the shape of a square. You can use 4 base plates to set up the field, but you may find this design doesn't provide enough space for a diamond and field large enough to accommodate Minifigs. These base-plates make up the "field," as well as the stands and the stadium walls.

Build a pitcher's mound toward the middle of the field. If you're using four plates, this will be toward the middle of the corner plate. If you have nine plates, it should join four of them together.

Use white 1-stud wide plates to lay out the lines that make up the baseball field. Make sure you leave enough width between the edge of the field and the lines to allow for the Stadium seating. Make sure the lines cross the gaps between the plates to help keep them together. Place white flat plates at the corners to make the bases and home plate.

Build the outer wall of the dugouts beside the foul lines. Build a bench in the back of the dugout.

Build up the foundation of the stadium. Use as many bricks as it takes to build an outer and inner wall for the seating around the baseball diamond. Leave some room (around four to eight studs) between the lines and the inner walls.

Build two or three rows on top of the foundation to start making the wall.

Assemble the seating. Make wide steps leading up toward the back of the wall. Place 2-stud wide plates along the edges of these steps to create the bleacher-style seating. If you want to create a special box-style seating area, you can use molded LEGO seats, such as you'd see in an airplane set.

Build at least four tall towers, tapering toward the top. At the top of each, use hinge pieces and attach a flat plate covered in "lights" to make the floodlights for night games.

Build a LEGO team and fans, if you would like to add people to the arena. Build two sets of nine players, making two different teams. Make sure the players' clothes match. Build also an umpire and catcher. Place them around the field, then place other Minifigs around the stadium, in the seats, as the fans.

Use a rod, stick, or 1-by-4 stud plate in the hand of the batter to make a bat. Find a white 1-stud round plate and place that in the pitcher's hand or on the ground somewhere to look like a ball.