Battery-Powered Motorcycles for Kids

Battery-powered riding toys are always popular with kids 12. If you are considering buying a battery-operated motorcycle for your child, there are many different manufacturers and models you can choose from. Whether it's a police motorcycle, a chopper or a dirt bike, there's a battery-powered motorcycle out there that's perfect for your child.


There are numerous manufacturers that produce battery-powered motorcycles for kids 1. Kidz Motorz has a ride-on police motorcycle in white and pink as well as a smaller "Lil' Patrol" model. Rockin' Rollers makes a three-wheeled ride-on chopper for kids between 2 and 4 years old. Manufacturers including Power Wheels and Lil' Rider offer Harley-style ride-ons in a number of colors. Yamaha also makes battery-powered motorcycles for younger children, while Razor offers battery-powered dirt bikes for older kids 1.

Maximum Speeds and Weight Restrictions

Most battery-powered motorcycles designed for younger kids feature 6-volt batteries 1. These rechargeable batteries take approximately 10 to 12 hours to charge and can run for approximately an hour. Maximum speeds for 6-volt battery-powered motorcycles range from 1 to 4 mph 1. Battery-powered motorcycles for older kids usually have 12-volt batteries that allow kids to reach speeds up to 5 mph and ride for up to 2 hours 1. Razor model dirt bikes usually require 2 or 3 12-volt batteries, allowing kids to ride at up to 14 mph 3.


As with any item, battery-powered motorcycles range in price depending on the quality of the product and any special features 1. Kidz Motorz police motorcycles range from the basic model at $45 to the deluxe model that features chrome details, working lights and electronic sound effects for $230. Harley-style bikes and choppers average between $130 and $175. The Injusa Repsol wind motorcycle, which features a sleek style and realistic graphics, costs approximately $230. Generally, 6-volt battery ride-on motorcycles will cost less than $150, while prices for 12-volt models fall between $200 and $300 1.

Safety Considerations

Most battery-powered motorcycles require some adult assembly for use 1. While your child might be excited to help you assemble his new toy, caution should be taken during assembly because smaller parts are a potential choking hazard. Also, different models are designed to run on certain types of terrains. Be sure to read all directions and specifications to ensure your child has the maximum enjoyable experience. Lastly, before allowing your child to ride around on his motorcycle, establish boundaries and make sure your child knows how far from the house it's OK to ride.