Barbie Doll House Instructions

The Barbie 3-Story Dream House, made by Mattel, stands 3 feet tall when assembled 1. The lightweight plastic home includes a grand entrance, working doorbell, intercom, winding staircase, appliances (including a toilet that makes a flushing sound), furniture, working lights, dishes and cookware. The play set is designed for children 3 and older. Assembling it requires the help of an adult.

Remove all contents of the Barbie Dream House package and set the large frame of the house aside. Divide furniture, accessories and third-story pieces into separate piles. Unlatch the frame of the house. Open the home by pulling the two outside sections of the frame outward. At this point, the home is two stories.

Locate the battery cover on the outside of the house. It is located below the first-story window, left of the front door. Unscrew the battery cover, insert the batteries and replace the cover. Remember to tighten the screw.

Starting in the kitchen, unfold the first- and second-story walls. In the middle section of the house, pull down the first and second story floors and secure them by sliding latches and the beam into place. Unfold the kitchen floor, and the bathroom floor above, fitting the second-story floor into the latch.

Pull the staircase outward and latch it into place. Pull open both walls folded on each side of the large second story window. Pull down and secure the landing located between the top of the left wall and the top of the staircase.

Look at your piles of extra parts and locate the two guardrails. Snap them downward and into place above the large second-story window and above the staircase. Facing the front of the house, attach the two rounded sections of roof tile on the first and second stories outside of the staircase. Attach the first and second (straight) roof tile sections above the French doors and the large second-story window. Insert the final (slightly rounded) section of roof tile above the front door.

Locate the thirdstory frame of the house. Attach the floor piece, two outside walls, roof section and two door panels. Snap the third-story section of the house into place above the large second-story window.

Snap together all furniture and distribute it in the appropriate rooms. Hang the canopy over the bed in the master bedroom. Decorate all of the rooms with the included Dream House accessories.

To close the house, remove the third-story room. Push up the first- and second-story floor panels in the kitchen section. Swing the staircase outward. Push back the beam between the first- and second-story floors in the center section. Push up the first- and second-floor panels in the center section and push back the walls. Pull both ends of the house together and secure with the latch.


Mattel recommends using alkaline batteries for longer battery life.


The Barbie Dream House includes many small pieces that may pose a choking habit for children younger than 3.