Are Velcro Crib Sheets Safe?

Your baby will spend a lot of time in her crib so it's essential to make it a safe sleeping environment. Once you've chosen a crib that meets federal safety guidelines, you'll need to outfit it with a crib mattress and crib sheets. While crib sheets might seem to be a minor part of the whole affair, they're more important than you might think. Velcro crib sheets are one option to consider.

Purpose and Function

Crib sheets create a barrier between your baby and the crib mattress. Crib mattresses are usually plastic, which means they aren't comfortable. A crib sheet creates a soft surface for your little one to slumber on. The sheets are designed to fit tightly around the crib mattress so your baby can move around in her sleep without dislodging the sheet. Traditional crib sheets are like bed sheets. They usually have elastic around the corners, which you stretch around and underneath the mattress. Velcro crib sheets are more like pillowcases with a strip of hook and loop material along the opening, which fits on the bottom side of the mattress. Velcro crib sheets can help keep the sheet in place more effectively than traditional sheets, particularly if your baby is restless sleeper.

Safety Risks

A risk, though small, that comes along with crib sheets is that they will come loose from the mattress. According to, excess bedding or loose bedding in the crib can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome 4. A Velcro crib sheet can help reduce the risk of bunched or loose sheets because the hook and loop closure keeps it tightly in place.

What to Look For

Use new Velcro crib sheets rather than used ones, if possible. New crib sheets have strong hook and loop closures, which cuts down on the risk that the sheet will work loose from the mattress and bunch up around your baby while he sleeps. If you do plan to use second-hand sheets, inspect the hook and loop closure to ensure it's still strong and adheres tightly.

Proper Use

Place the sheet around the crib mattress so the hook and loop closures are on the bottom. Pull the corners of the crib sheet down and under the mattress so the surface of the sheet isn't wrinkled or bunched anywhere. If the sheet gets stretched out of shape or no longer fits tightly, discard the sheet in favor of one that does fit snugly.