How to Make a Crib Like a Bassinet

Providing your baby with a safe place to sleep is an important priority for many parents. When a baby is small, he can fit into a bassinet in your bedroom. If you use a bassinet early on in your baby's life, he will become used to sleeping in a confined space 1. This can make it difficult to transition him to a larger crib once he outgrows the bassinet. However, you can make the crib feel more like the smaller bassinet to help your baby make the adjustment.

Swaddle your baby tightly in a receiving blanket or other lightweight blanket. To swaddle your baby, lay her diagonally across the blanket from one corner to another. Wrap one side corner across the baby, tucking the end tightly underneath the baby. Pull the bottom corner up to the baby's chest, folding the corner underneath, leaving a flat edge across the baby's chest. Pull the remaining side corner across the baby, wrapping it tightly around the baby and tucking it underneath. Swaddling makes a baby feel as if she is being held.

Roll up several thin blankets or extra sheets and place them in a circle on the crib mattress. This creates a nest for your baby and makes him feel as if he is still in the bassinet. Place the rolled-up blankets or sheets underneath the crib sheet to keep them from moving.

Keep the bedroom around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit so your baby does not get cold. A smaller bassinet tends to keep her warmer due to the smaller space. A larger crib feels cooler. Dress her in a sleep sack or wearable blanket to help keep her warm.

Position the baby near the corner or edge of the crib. This positioning makes him feel the same way he did in the bassinet with the sides close by. Use a mesh crib bumper if you are placing your baby close to the sides.

Leave a shirt or blanket that has your scent on it close to the crib to make your baby feel as though you are nearby. This is especially important if you are also transitioning your baby from your room into her own room.


Do not place extra blankets or sheets into the crib once the baby is capable of rolling or moving to avoid suffocation.

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