How to Tie a Baby Sling Pouch From a Scarf

Using a scarf or similar type of wrap as a means of carrying a baby is a method that has been practiced all over the world for many years. This method allows the baby to feel the comfort of being near mother's body, while giving mom partial or total freedom for her arms and hands. While there are many ways to tie a scarf to form a sling pouch, try a basic method first in order to get practice in this system of infant transportation.

Make sure the scarf is usable for this type of activity. Ideally the scarf needs to be made of a non-irritating material that doesn't have any worn or weak areas. The scarf should be approximately 2 feet wide by 11 feet long.

Drape the scarf over your left shoulder, leaving about three-fifths over your back (the "long end") and about two-fifths hanging over the front of your body (the "short end").

Reach behind you and pull the long end across your back and around to your front. The scarf should cross your rib cage and emerge below your right arm.

Tie both ends of the scarf in a double knot, being sure to leave approximately an extra foot or two slack for the pouch. The knot should be positioned between your left shoulder and breast.

Sit down and slide your baby into the sling with his butt resting in the pouch, his head toward the knot and his knees bent with legs and feet tucked into the pouch comfortably.

Slowly stand while holding your hands underneath your baby to support her.

Gently move your baby up and down a few times to test the strength of the knot and the pouch. The scarf should be tight enough to keep your baby snugly against you and should not be covering his mouth or nose. Be sure that the baby doesn't seem uncomfortable, in which case the scarf may be too tight.

Sit down to make any necessary readjustments.


You may want to have someone stand in front of you as a "spotter" as you stand to test the strength and positioning of the sling.