When Should a Baby Use an Exersaucer?

An exersaucer is a stationary toy that is shaped much like a walker. It has an elevated seat so that the baby can be in the standing position and enjoy bouncing and turning while being supported in his seat. This is a safer alternative to the baby walker because it does not have wheels that enable the toy to move. An exersaucer has many toys and sounds that will engage a baby for long periods of time. Be sure to have a good understanding of when your baby is ready to use this type of toy.

When Baby Can Sit With Support

You will know your baby is ready for an exersaucer when he can sit with support 1. Be sure he can hold his head up and hold his back straight. When you first put your baby in the exersaucer, roll some blankets and put them around him so he is not so wobbly. Be sure that the baby's body is supported all around and that he has good head control. When you first begin putting the baby in an exersaucer, only keep him in it for a few minutes at a time. This is a good toy that your baby will probably enjoy until he starts walking.

Around 4-5 Months

Most babies are ready for an exersaucer around 4 or 5 months. By 4 months most babies are grabbing and reaching for things. Because exersaucers have many different toys around the seat, babies will enjoy batting and grabbing at everything within reach. By around 5 months she will be able to distinguish where sounds are coming from. She will love the fun sounds and watching different toys light up 1. She will put the toys in her mouth and giggle and squawk at the bright colors on every inch of this item. As she gets older, she will stay in the exersaucer for longer periods and she will eventually figure out how to make each toy play music, light up or make funny noise.

Good Leg Strength

When your baby is able to put weight on his legs and hold himself up (while you are holding him) he is most likely ready to try the exersaucer. Your baby will be able to bounce up and down and turn around from toy to toy while he is in the exersaucer. Having a good amount of leg strength will keep him from becoming frustrated in the toy. He is able to stand in the exersaucer, so having good leg strength will help prevent him from flopping over while in the toy.

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