How to Use Baby Belly Binder

A baby's belly is a sensitive area. Newborns still have the umbilical stump, which can be prone to infection, and all young babies have an immature digestive system, which can make for a cranky baby. A baby belly binder can protect the umbilical stump and keep your baby's tummy snug, aiding digestion and making him happy. This tiny belt should wrap perfectly around your little one's belly and stay put no matter how much he wriggles.

Spread the belly binder out on a flat surface, such as a bed, the floor or a changing table.

Lay your baby down on top of the belly binder. Center it around his mid-section.

Bring one side of the belly binder up around his belly. Tuck it in as far as it goes.

Bring the other side of the belly binder up and secure it. Most have a hook-and-loop tape for closure, though some styles require tying strings. The belly binder should be snug, but not too tight.


The belly binder can go over or under your baby's clothes.

If he still has an umbilical stump, make sure that it's tucked snugly inside the binder.


If your baby seems uncomfortable after you've put the binder on, it may be too tight.

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