Nania Car Seat Instructions

A properly installed car seat is not just a legal responsibility 2. More importantly, it's a measure to prevent the death or serious injury of a child traveling in an automobile. Nania car seats come in a variety of sizes and styles that allow you to pick the right car seat for your child 12. Proper installation, while crucial, is relatively simple and will not take the average person long at all. Forward-facing Nania car seats are generally for children over 1 year of age 2. Rear-facing seats vary slightly in their installation, most notably in the fact that the child should be secured in the seat prior to placing the seat in the car 2.

Position the car seat in an area where it will not be affected in the event of an air bag deployment 2. The force of an air bag can be lethal to a small child, so you want to make sure that she is not in harm's way if your car has air bags installed in the back seat 2.

Connect the top belt into the hook of forward-facing car seats behind the back seat 2. (This may not be present in all cars.) The hook is typically under a removable panel behind the head rest. Make sure the belt is tight with no slack.

Loop the seat belt through the openings in the back of the Nania car seat 2. Make sure you hear the click as you secure the belt. Give it a tug to make sure it is in place. It should be secure and only move slightly.

Place your child in the forward-facing seat. Gently pull the belt over him and adjust it so that it reaches the latch in front. Click the latch shut and make sure it is secure. Adjust the straps as needed so the child is comfortable, but still secure.


Many newer cars include the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system, which allows installation of child seats without using the car's seat belts.

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