Preschool Activities on Car Seat Belt Safety

Activities help preschoolers learn things quickly. Car seat belt safety is key (and the law), so teaching your preschooler about car seat belt safety through activities will help him learn what car seat belts are and why we wear them.


Have your preschooler help you make up your own silly rhyme to say about car seat belt safety. The website suggests singing the following song to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb":

Here is how we buckle up, buckle up, buckle up Here is how we buckle up, Listen for the snap Put the seat belt 'cross your lap, 'cross your lap, 'cross your lap. Put the seat belt cross your lap and Listen for the snap

Buckle Up a Friend

Have your preschooler practice putting a furry toy friend in a car seat belt to teach him about car seat belt safety. Before you help him click his car seat belt, have him buckle in his stuffed animal next to him.


Any "pick a part" type place should have a seat belt you can use. Use this seat belt to allow your preschool child (or children) to play a game about who can buckle her car seat belts the fastest. Use a stopwatch and repeat.

Safety Activity

Create an arts and crafts activity by having your preschooler use red, yellow and green paints to create a stoplight. Then explain that if a car has to stop suddenly like at a red light, the child could become injured if he does not wear his car seat belt.


Have an open conversation about car seat belt safety with your preschooler 1. Ask him why he thinks car seat belts are important and answer any questions he may have.

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