Ryan's Room Tee Pee Instructions

Ryan's Room is the trademarked name for a line of children's play structures. The Ryan's Room See Me Tee Pee Tent is a colorful, three-dimensional tee pee safe for toddlers to climb inside for quiet time or to play make believe 1. Parents can connect the tee pee to other tunnels and structures in the Ryan's Room line to make an extended play environment. The nylon tee pee is suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

Set the tee pee in the desired play area with the square base on the floor.

Slide the included hollow plastic poles into the sleeves found at the edges of the tee pee walls, as though sliding a curtain rod through the top of curtains.

Connect a Ryan's Room tunnel (not included with the tee pee) to the hole in the side of the tee pee and connect the other end of the tunnel to a hole in another tee pee or Ryan's Room tent to make a larger play environment, if desired. Otherwise, cover the hole in the tee pee with the included flap.

Remove the plastic poles and store the tee pee in the included nylon bag when not using it.