How to Put a Graco Snugride Cover Back on a Car Seat

Most, if not all, of Graco’s Snugride car seat covers are machine washable. This is helpful, since babies can be messy. But what if you were not paying close enough attention to how the cover goes back on when you took it off? This is likely if you were more concerned with not touching where the diaper leaked. Don’t worry, it’s a far less complicated project than assembling that crib. Here’s how to do it.

Make sure the cover is right-side out; sometimes the cover flips in the wash. Make sure the print is facing out and identify which end is the front (where the baby’s legs go) and which end is the back (where the baby’s head rests).

Thread the car seat straps from underneath, through the slots in the cover near the baby’s hips. Make sure the straps do not cross; the right strap should be on the right side of the cover. You probably will need to turn the buckle and chest clip sideways to fit them through the slots.

Fold the front edge of the cover down over the front of the car seat.

Thread the straps down through the shoulder slots in the cover and the car seat so that the straps come out the back of the car seat. Make sure the straps go through the same slots on both the cover and the seat. If the straps go through the bottom slots in the cover, for example, they also should go through the bottom slots in the car seat. Thread the straps through the metal tighteners on the back of the car seat.

Fold the back of the cover around the back edge of the car seat. You may want to push the canopy back past the end of the car seat to have it out of your way. Some car seat covers have an elastic band on each side that holds the cover in place. If yours has them, pull each band around the car seat handle and attach the end to the hooks on the fabric.

Reattach head support pillow. Once the main part of the cover is secure, position the head support pillow near the shoulder straps and snap it in place around the straps.


Always consult the instruction booklet that came with your car seat to make sure you are using all parts correctly.

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