How to Make a Baby Sling Out of a Bed Sheet

The practice of baby wearing is done much like it sounds. A large piece of cloth is wrapped around the body in such a way that it creates a baby sling that can support a baby while leaving the wearer's hands and legs free to move about. This makes it possible for you to move around with the baby while working on smaller tasks wherever you are. A baby sling can be made using items found around the house, such as a bed sheet.

Fold the sheet in half lengthwise two times to form a long band of fabric. Drape the sheet over your shoulders, positioning the center of the blanket behind your neck.

Determine whether the baby will be resting on the right side or the left side of your body. Place the sheet behind the should on the opposite side of the body where you want to hold the baby and pull the sheet downward so about two thirds of the blanket is hanging behind your back. For example, if you want the baby to rest on your left side, let the sheet hang two thirds of the way over the right shoulder. Hold the opposite end in place to keep the entire sheet from slipping.

Extend the shorter end of the sheet with your right hand, and bring the longer end under the arm and around and over the short end with your left hand and then pull the blanket under and up through the space closest to your chest to make a knot 1. Swing this same piece under and then over the short end that is still being held straight out by your other hand and then tuck it in the tight space next to the first knot, pulling it out the other end to make a second knot.

Tighten the sling by pulling the extended piece of the sheet with your right hand down and adjusting the newly formed knot with the other hand to fit comfortably on the shoulder. There should be a pocket large enough to cradle a baby on one side of your body, with a knot resting on the shoulder of the opposite side.

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