How to Make a Baby Pillow

A baby pillow that coordinates with the other items in a crib ensemble is an attractive addition to a crib bedding set. Although it is not recommended that a baby sleep with any extra bedding, pillows, or toys in the crib, a baby pillow is sure to be useful at some point when a baby begins to get a little older. Add this enchanting little addition to your crib bedding.

Fold the fabric in half so that the right sides of the fabric are facing in and the wrong sides are facing out. Straighten the edges and make them square. Cut two rectangles that are 18 inches in length and 12 inches in width. Keep the rectangles matched up with right sides facing in and sides and corners squared. Cut strips of fabric that are 6 inches wide for the ruffle. You will need one continuous length of fabric that is 75 inches long. Cut enough strips so that you can sew them together width to width in order to make a continuous strip.

Place two fabric strips together with right sides facing each other. Sew the strips together along one width edge. Add as many more strips as necessary to make a length of fabric that is 75 inches long. Place the two remaining width edges together with right sides facing to create a ring of fabric. Sew this edge.

Fold the fabric ring in half width-wise with right sides facing out so that it is 3 inches wide. Press the fabric well with a hot iron.

Cut a 75-inch length of crochet thread. Lay the thread along the raw edges of the fabric on top of both fabric layers. Set the sewing machine at a wide zigzag stitch and place the fabric in the sewing machine so that you will be sewing over the crochet thread with the zigzags.

Sew a zigzag stitch over the entire length of crochet thread. Stitch carefully 1/2-inch from the raw edges so that the stitching crosses back and forth over the crochet thread but does not stitch through it.

Secure the crochet thread at the starting point by sewing over it with several sewing machine stitches. Pull the other end of the crochet thread to gather the ruffle. Pull the thread until the ruffle is approximately the necessary size to fit around the outer edge of the pillow. Adjust the gathers to make them even along the fabric ring.

Place the gathered ruffle on top of the right side of one of the rectangles, matching the raw edges. Pin the ruffle around all four sides, adjusting the gathers to make the ruffle fit the rectangle perfectly. You can either pull the crochet thread tighter to make the ruffle smaller or allow more crochet thread to be distributed along the ruffle to make the ruffle larger. Sew the ruffle to this rectangle with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Trim any excess crochet thread when finished attaching the ruffle.

Place the second rectangle fabric over the rectangle with the ruffle attached to it. The right sides of the rectangles must be placed facing each other. Pin the rectangles together to secure. Sew around the edges of the rectangles with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Leave a 3-inch opening for turning. Remove the pins.

Turn the fabric rectangles right-side out and pull out all the corners so that they are sharp and pointed. Press the fabric well with the iron.

Stuff the pillow with the Fiberfil through the small opening. Take care to not overfill the pillow or it will be too firm for the baby. The pillow should be quite flat.

Thread the needle with a 12-inch length of thread and hand stitch the opening closed to finish the pillow.