How to Make Baby Hammock

Do you have trouble getting your baby to sleep? Baby hammocks are the answer. Mimicking the natural motion and cushiony quarters of the mother's womb, baby hammocks are the natural and safe way to get your baby to sleep through the night. They also enable babies to sleep on their backs safely and comfortably. But don't spend money buying an expensive factory made baby hammock. Make one yourself.

Making the Hammock Body

Fold 2 inches down on all sides of the fabric and sew to make an even hem. Thread all of the fabric through your steel ring, overlap the ends of the fabric by a good 3 inches and sew together.

Fold the fabric in half, and then holding the ring high, figure out the width of the bottom of your hammock. Measure that length, mark it on both sides, and sew two seams on each side. The baby's mattress will fit in between these double seams. It should be between 12 and 20 inches wide.

Take your yard of fabric or use a pillowcase and decide how wide and long you want your baby mattress to be. If the base for the mattress you sewed into the hammock material is 12 inches wide, your mattress should be, too. The length is up to you, but should be at least 30 inches long. Once you have created a slip cover for this small mattress, fill it with foam or an old thin pillow, then quilt it.

Take your wooden dowel and figure out how low you want the hammock to hang. Measure about 12 to 14 inches from the top centered ring, more or less according to the distance you want between the dowel and the baby, and sew on some ribbon, string, or some kind of tie, 12 to 14 inches down from the ring on each side to attach the hammock to the wooden dowel.

Tie the hammock onto the dowel very tightly. Make sure it is well-attached and that there is no chance for the knots to come undone.

Installing Your Baby Hammock

Drill the hook into the ceiling. Do this right so that the ring can safely support the weight of the hammock. Attach the spring to the hook.

Decide how low you want your hammock to hang and attach a length of chain to the spring with a carabiner or quick link.

Attach the length of chain to the original ring at the top of your baby hammock with a carabiner or quick link.

Things You Will Need

  • 3 to 4 yards of strong fabric
  • 1 yard of ribbon or thick string
  • 2-foot-long wooden board or dowel
  • Spring
  • Steel ring
  • Carabiners or quick links
  • Chain
  • Ceiling hook
  • 1 yard of fabric for mattress, or a pillow case (optional)
  • Foam, at least 12 by 30 inches (optional)


Organic or unbleached muslin is a great fabric to use. But you may also choose a fabric whose color or design you like. Just make sure the fabric is strong and of good quality.

You can use a baby-changing pad as the mattress and sew a cover for it. You can also use a baby bassinet mattress.

Pillowcases are great sheets for this mattress.


Tie your hammock to the wooden dowel securely.

Drill the hook into the ceiling securely.