How to Lower a Munire Crib Mattress

Crib manufactures like Munire have modifiable mattress support features that allow parents to lower or raise the mattress in the crib. Adjusting the height of the mattress is a simple process that just requires the loosening and tightening of certain bolts and screws. The effort to adapt this functionality while keeping the company's unique style and elegance led Munire to create cribs and mattresses that could be conveniently converted into toddler beds. The transition allows the frame to retain its sturdy and safe setup.

Assemble the spring unit that holds the Munire’s crib mattress in its place by setting one support bracket at each side of the back and front of the spring assembly 1. Tightly screw the wing nut and 3/4-inch bolts into the analogous hole and support bracket on the spring unit.

Place the hanger in the hole which is nearest to the middle of the spring assembly for the lowest position. The hooks settled in the brackets on the crib post that sturdily hold the mattress in place determine the positioning of the mattress. Ensure all the brackets are in the same position. For a higher position, shift the hangers towards the corner of the spring assembly.

Raise the first hanger from its bracket and switch it to a lower bracket corresponding with the desired mattress height.

Lower each Munire crib mattress hanger to the same bracket matching the first hanger to perfectly level out the mattress support height.

Recheck the hangers to ensure they are secured well in the brackets.


Frequently check every bolt in the crib, and tighten the loosened screws. The crib is prone to loosen a bit with constant use, especially as the baby becomes more mobile.

Attach a small guard rail to the crib to prevent the toddler from falling out. The rail also prevents small body parts from being trapped in the gap formed between the crib and the mattress.