Kindercraft Crib Assembly Instructions

A Kinderkraft crib is a functional and beautiful addition to any nursery. The cribs come in several varying styles and are easy to assemble. With the provided supplies and tools, you can have your Kinderkraft crib built in a few short hours.

Place the first insert nut into the top of the stationary rail. Place the second insert nut into the bottom of the rail. Turn the stationary rail over and place the two insert nuts into the top and the bottom.

Insert two bolts through the holes on one side of the headboard. Hold the headboard upright and insert the bolts through the stationary rail. Insert two bolts through the second headboard and through the other side of the stationary rail. Do not tighten the bolts.

Place the mattress support inside the crib. Insert 4 bolts through the top pre-drilled hole in the slat support on the headboard and through the mattress support. Install the second 4 bolts through the bottom pre-drilled hole and through the mattress support. Repeat for second slat support on the headboard and for the two slat supports on the second headboard.

Use the provided wrench to tighten all the bolts on the crib.

Turn the crib on its side.

Grasp a canister in one hand with the canister stem pointing away from you. Push the canister stem firmly into the pre-drilled hole on the bottom of the crib. Gently tap the canister with a hammer to secure it firmly in place. Repeat with the other three canisters.

Slide the rubber stoppers off the lower slide bracket.

Hold the front drop rail so that the push plate faces outward from the crib. Slide the front drop rail upward on to the slide tracks until the drop rail fits securely on the crib. Reinsert the rubber stoppers.

Test the slide rail by placing your calf against the plastic push plate and grasping the center of the slide rail. Lift upwards while applying pressure with your calf. Once the rail leaves the cut out notches, push gently downwards.

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