How to Keep Babies Away From Cords & Plugs

Unless you baby-proof your home, a baby crawling or scooting around the house may find a variety of dangerous discoveries. Cords and plugs present real and serious dangers to mobile infants. To ensure that an exploring baby stays safe in the home, secure cords and plugs carefully to block baby’s access. Although you cannot ever truly relax with a baby in the house, prudent safety preparation should help protect your baby from injury.

Unplug unused appliances and electrical items. Wrap cords neatly and put these items away out of reach to ensure that your child doesn’t accidentally tug on a cord and pull an item down onto herself, warn Signe Larson and Kevin Osborn, authors of “Bringing up Baby.” 1

Insert plastic outlet plugs into all unused electrical outlets. Ensure that the outlet plugs snap in tightly to ensure that your baby cannot remove them, states the International Association for Child Safety 2.

Cover outlets in use with a screw-on attachment that covers the outlet and the plugs completely. This outlet cover prevents your baby from pulling plugs out of an outlet. Some outlet covers have an inside area where you can wrap excess cord.

Cover cords exposed between outlets and appliances with wire guards to prevent your baby from touching them. These guards open easily to enable you to place cords inside. Once you have inserted the cords, close the guards and position them where you want them along walls or on the floor. Secure the guards to a surface with tape included with the guards.

Rearrange furniture to prevent your baby from accessing cords and plugs. By placing a couch in front of an outlet, you can prevent your baby from reaching the outlet and you can hide cords behind the couch as well.

Install a baby gate to keep your baby away from cords in rooms where you do not want your baby to play. Ensure that your baby never has playtime in this room, since it would be possible for your baby to touch the cords if he enters this room.

Supervise your baby at all times, even with stringent baby-proofing in place in your home. You never know when something might have changed that would enable your baby to get into a dangerous situation.