Instructions for the Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber

Spending time playing outdoors is beneficial for children of all ages. While some kids can keep themselves entertained for hours, others need a bit of encouragement. Toys such as the Little Tike's Hide and Slide Climber can offer just that 1. This small playground is made of thick plastic and is relatively simple to assemble.

Attach the lower platform to both uprights by matching each letter with its corresponding letter on each part. In this instance,"A" on the platform attaches to "A" on one upright and "B" on the platform attaches to "B" on the other upright. Wiggle and push each part until it "pops" and locks into place.

Following the same procedure, attach the smaller parts labeled "C" and "D" to their designated "C" and "D" locations on the bottom of the upper platform.

Slide the upper platform into place on the uprights above the lower platform until they lock into place. This may require you to lay the entire assembled piece on the ground so that you can apply your full weight to the platform to ensure it is secured in place.

Attach piece "E" to the underside of the lower platform so that the long side is facing outward. Take the "hide" shield and pop it into place on piece "E" and the lower platform. Secure the shield in place by inserting and tightening a screw on the top side of the lower platform and the bottom of piece "E."

Connect the slide to the front of the upper platform, making sure that it is securely locked into place.


Use liquid dish soap or vegetable oil to lubricate parts that lock together. Ensure the toy is sturdy and secure before allowing your children to play on it.

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