How to Modify Stroller Wheels

Your stroller may be ideal in every way except for the stroller wheels. Some models of strollers may not have enough traction, swivel enough (or at all) or simply need to be replaced. All stroller wheels are replaceable (by contacting the manufacturer) but many are also able to be modified. Stroller models like the Bugaboo, Evenflo and Quinny allow you to modify your stroller wheels to accommodate almost any need.

Purchase your choice of modified stroller wheels. Both Bugaboo and Quinny brands allow you to modify your stroller wheels in such ways as all terrain wheels or snow wheels. Evenflo (in addition to the previously mentioned brands) will simply allow you to obtain replacement wheels 1.

Remove the old wheels from your stroller. Some stroller models require tools such as a screwdriver to remove the old wheels, while some allow you to simply pop the wheels off by pulling on them. Either way, the stroller manufacturer instruction manual that came with your stroller will likely have directions on how to remove your particular stroller brand’s wheels.

Replace the old wheels with the new, modified wheels. Again, you may need to use tools for this job. Instructions for replacement will come with the new set of tires you ordered so long as you ordered them from the manufacturer or another reputable source 1.


Follow the manufacturer's suggestions when it comes to modifying your stroller wheels. Changing the stroller wheels when the manufacturer suggests not to may cause injury to your child.

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