Directions to Make a Newborn Baby Head Support/Car Seat Cover

A clean and safe car seat is a necessity for any mother. You want to know that your baby is safe in the car, and that her car seat will withstand spit-up and dirty diaper blowouts. A head support will keep your baby's head from wobbling about, keeping the car seat as safe as possible. A car seat cover can be made pretty simply so that you have a removable cover that can be cleaned when needed.

Head Support

Head supports are fairly simple to make. With some tracing paper, draw the shape of the top of the car seat, or where the baby's head would lay. Draw a line approximately 3 to 4 inches inside of your tracing. You should have a pattern that roughly resembles an upside down U shape. Cut out a piece of cardboard that follows this pattern and 2 fabric sheets as well. For the fabric cut-outs, cut 3 to 4 inches larger than the pattern. Lay the cardboard on the backside of one piece of fabric; you may want to hot glue into place. Place the fabric back to backside. Sew it together around outside of the fabric leaving a 1-to-2-inch gap. Fill the gap with stuffing or other filler, and then sew the remaining gap closed.

Car Seat Cover

Measure your car seat length and width. Add 10 inches to each of your measurements. Then double this amount as you are going to make a double-sided cover. Make a trip to the fabric store to pick out a fabric that you'd like to use. Also buy enough elastic to go around the entire perimeter of your fabric. Some tracing paper will help with cutting out an accurate pattern.

Lay the tracing paper on top of the car seat and trace around the car seat. Take the tracing paper off and cut the shape. Fold your fabric in half. Pin the fabric to the tracing paper and cut out the pattern you have made. Once you have the folded fabric cut out, you will sew the two pieces together, back side to back side. Sew the fabric three-quarters of the way around and then flip it inside out. Continue to sow , leaving a 1-inch space. Then sew around the cover again, approximately 1 to 2 inches into the fabric. Stop at the 1-inch gap that you made around the outside of the fabric. Pin a safety pin to the end of the elastic and push the pin through the area in between the 2 lines of sewing. Continue to push the pin through until it comes out the other end. Tie a knot unto both ends of the elastic, and then flip the fabric back to right-side out. Tie the two ends of elastic together, or sew together if you wish, and sew closed the 1-inch gap by hand.

Place the car seat cover on the car seat. Pull the elastic edges over the sides of the car seat. Press down on the cover so that it is lying flat in the car seat and cut small slits where the car seat harness needs to be threaded through. You can sew the edges of the slits to keep it from fraying for a more polished look.