How to Convert a Crib to a Daybed

Converting a crib to a daybed depends on the type of crib that you have purchased. Some cribs can not be converted because of the way the manufacturers made it, while others can convert three or four times until it becomes a twin or full-size bed. With the right tools and materials, you can convert your crib in a relatively short time.

Conversion Process

Move the mattress support or spring to the lowest level in the crib.

Unscrew the bolts on the front panel of your crib with the allen wrench 1.

Remove the front panel from the crib and store it in a safe environment away from extreme temperatures or humidity.

Attach the guard railing, where the front panel was attached, by lining it up with the holes provided on the right and left front posts of the crib. Tighten the guard railing with the bolts and washers provided by the manufacturer (optional step).

Insert the mattress into the newly formed daybed.


Before converting your crib, determine if the crib can be converted and read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you are unable to find the instructions, search the manufacturer's website for it. Also, ask a friend to assist you in holding the pieces of the crib you are connecting or detaching to form the daybed.


There are many warnings about child safety and placement of the crib in a room that are associated with converting a crib, such as choking, cuts due to sharp parts and suffocation. Before using the crib or new daybed, check that all parts are secure to help avoid serious injury to your child.

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