How to Child-Proof Accordion Closet Doors

Childproofing your home needs to be extensive and thorough to ensure your child’s safety. Accordion-style closet doors – also called “bifold” doors because they fold in half to open – can present a safety risk for tiny fingers. To ensure your child avoids pinched fingers around accordion closet doors, make the doors inaccessible by your little one. With accordion closet doors that your child cannot open, you also prevent him from accessing the contents of the closet.

Open the closet door and place a bifold door lock onto the top edge of one half of the open door – it doesn't matter which half. These locks are specially designed to keep your child from opening the accordion closet doors. They usually come in packages of one or two; if you find them in single packages, buy two so you can secure both doors of the closet.

Close the closet door and slide the door lock over so it sits centered over the joint between the two halves of the closet door 1. With the door lock in place, your child will not be able to open the door because the door lock holds the two halves secure and prevents them from moving.

Test the installation by sliding the door lock either to the left or to the right so the lock moves completely free of the joint between the door halves. Some door locks have a wand that hangs down to enable easier reach for moving the lock.

Open the door with the lock moved out of position. Close the doors and slide the lock back into position 1.


Supervise your child at all times. While childproofing gadgets can be useful for creating a safe environment, they do not replace the need for careful supervision.