How to Assemble a Lullaby Baby Crib

The Lullabye Furniture Company operated in Stevens Point, Wisconsin for a large portion of the twentieth century. According to University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, logs were transported by a Landing Craft Tank to the company, where they were then made into baby cribs and other furniture 3. Although the company is now defunct, the cribs may remain in your family as it is passed down from generation to generation. The drop-side pieces are constructed with screws, castors, brackets and rods. They contain a combination of wood and metal parts and are meant to be assembled with limited tools. It's a matter of fitting the pieces together in the same way you would with any drop-side crib.

Find the drop latches, which are attached to the ends of the headboard and sideboard. Loosen the bottom screw with a Phillips screwdriver, unscrewing the drop latch from the crib.

Move the stabilizer bar so it fits between the sideboard and headboard. The hooked ends need to face outward.

Position the hooked ends over the loosened screws. Screw them in until tight. This will attach the stabilizer bar to the sideboard and headboard.

Locate the lower screw holes on the opposite end of the sideboard and headboard. Place screws in the holes. Turn slightly by hand in a clockwise direction until they grasp the pieces together.

Raise the stationary side of the lullaby crib up. Put the two brackets with slots over the two screws that are partially installed. The brackets are found at the bottom.

Drop the stationary side of the crib gently into place. Tighten the screws to secure it.

Push screws through the brackets at the top of that same side. Attach the top portion of the stationary side to the sideboard and headboard.

Line up the ends of the mattress spring hangers with the holes that are in the corners of the mattress frame support. Tap the hangers with a hammer until they are in place.

Bring the mattress support up over the crib, then drop it into place. The hangers should catch on the latches that are on the sideboard and headboard. Raise a corner of the crib and insert the caster in the hole that is at the base of the bed post. Attach all bed posts in this manner.

Raise the drop side up, keeping the release bar facing down and facing the inside of the crib. Put the cane rod through the hole located on the top left side of the drop side.

Insert the bottom end of the rod through the bracket on the upper drop side. Put a tapered spring over the rod end, positioning the narrow end so it is facing up.

Pass the rod through the hole on the bottom, left side of the crib's drop side. Put another tapered spring over the end and send the rod through the drop rod bracket on the bottom.

Screw the upper part of the drop rod to the crib. Repeat with the rod at the opposite end of the crib.

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