How to Adjust the Seat Height on a Safety 1st Grip 'N Go Walker

You can give your baby more freedom with a Safety 1st Grip ‘N Go Walker 1. Before walking or crawling, he or she will enjoy using this walker to move around the house and exercise his or her legs. Your baby can start using this walker once he or she can sit unassisted and if he or she weighs less than 30 pounds and measures less than 32 inches. The Safety 1st Grip ‘N Go Walker’s seat height can be adjusted to three different positions, which allows the walker to grow with your baby 1.

Find the adjustment seat button on the front, under the tray.

Press the button and move the seat up or down to fit your baby.

Rotate the button counterclockwise to lock the position.


You can fold the walker by pressing the seat adjustment button and pushing the frame down to make it collapse. This makes the walker smaller for storage and travel.


Do not adjust the seat height while the baby is on the walker.

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