How to Baby Proof a TV & TV Stand

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that between 2000 and 2011, 349 people died from falling furniture, appliances or televisions, and 84 percent of those victims were kids under the age of 9 2. A TV or TV stand are household items that can fall on babies, and the weight of these items is enough to result in serious injury or even death. Properly baby proof your TV and TV stand to ensure your baby’s safety as he roams around the house.

Sit the TV on a stand that is low to the ground and designed specifically for televisions. Do not use furniture items like night stands, tables or dressers. These are not made for even weight distribution of a TV and therefore can tip over easier than an actual TV stand. Sit the TV as far back on the stand as possible to further help prevent tipping.

Choose a TV stand that has frosted or glass doors for storing DVD players, cable boxes and other electronic devices that have flashing lights or buttons. These buttons and lights are attractive to babies and they’ll want to touch or push them. Putting them in a cabinet where baby can see they’re out of reach may help deter him from even trying. Secure the doors on the cabinet with childproof locks.

Secure the TV and the stand to the wall using anchors. You can buy anchoring kits at most hardware or home improvement stores that are specifically made for anchoring TVs or furniture. Read the instructions carefully as to how to use the anchoring device because they may vary slightly among manufacturers. Make sure you place the anchors in a stud in the wall for proper protection from tipping.

Tie up wires and cables out of reach of children. Bind the wires together using cable ties, then stuff the wires inside a cord concealer that runs along the wall or baseboard. This will keep babies from being tempted by the cords, which not only pose a danger themselves, but attract children toward the TV area.

Place corner protectors on the corners of the TV stand. As baby begins to crawl and walk, it’s easy for him to tumble into one of the corners on the stand. Corner protectors are made of soft material that will help protect the child if he falls into the stand.


If you’re hanging a flat-screen TV on the wall, hang it securely to prevent it from falling off onto the baby. Use the proper mounting brackets according to the size and weight of the TV. You can find this information on the TV box, as well as the packaging for the mounting brackets. Always hang the brackets into studs in the wall.