Vtech V.Smile Troubleshooting

The V.Smile is an educational video game console system developed and manufactured by VTech. The console is intended for use by children ages 3 to 9, and is popular for its video games featuring famous Disney characters. The system utilises a wireless game controller and allows children to physically interact with the video game. While the console is easy to use, it may occasionally malfunction. Employ specific troubleshooting strategies to fix these problems so that your children can enjoy the V.Smile again.

Understand the Process

The V.Smile system is made up of a wired game console, a game cartridge which is inserted into the console, and one or more wireless game controllers. The game console is plugged into a wired power source, and is also connected to a television. Each controller is synced with the console and utilises built-in accelerometers. When a child moves the controller, the controller senses the direction of movement and sends the information to the console, which displays the movement on the television.

The Basics

When troubleshooting the V.Smile, rule out common problems that may disrupt the wireless connection between the game controller and console. Make sure the console is powered on and connected to a reliable wired power source. Alternatively, the console is able to run off of four 1.5 volt AA-sized batteries. If using batteries, check that they are inserted properly and that the battery cover is locked into place. In addition, check that the wireless controller has fresh, charged batteries. The controller requires three 1.5 volt AAA-sized batteries. When the console is low on battery power, a battery icon will begin flashing on the television screen. Likewise, a small light will repeatedly flash on the controller if its batteries are running out.


The V.Smile game console is plugged into the audio and video jacks on your television. When the console receives signals from the video game cartridge and wireless controller, it sends the signals to the television to be displayed on the screen. A faulty or incorrect connection may cause common problems such as static, funny colours and distorted sound.

Check that each of the plugs on the V.Smile are connected to the appropriate jacks on the TV. Use the included audio and visual cables that came with the V.Smile. Connect the red and white wires to the red and white audio input jacks on your television. Similarly, plug the yellow wire into your TV's video input jack. Ensure that each wire is pushed firmly into each jack.


The V.Smile employs basic wireless technology to transmit the movement of the controller's built-in accelerometer with the wired console. Thus, children should use the controller within 15 feet of the console to ensure that the controller and console are within broadcasting range of each other. Game responsiveness will drop the further the controller is from the console.

Product Support

All V.Smile products come with a standard one-year warranty that covers repairs and replacement. In addition, users can call V.Smile's telephone support line at (800) 521-2010 in the United States or (877) 352-8697 in Canada. Both hotlines provide support, warranty information and professional troubleshooting advice 1. When you call, you will need the V.Smile's specific model number found on the white label on the back of the console.

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