How to Use Leap Frog ClickStart

Leap Frog has developed a wide variety of toys and games that parents have come to rely on for facilitating their children’s learning. The Leap Frog ClickStart enables you to turn any television into a child’s computer and has several different games you can purchase to customize for your child’s interests 1. Although much simpler than your own PC, you may have some questions about how to set up and use your child’s toy. Use these basic instructions to get you started operating your Leap Frog ClickStart.

Preparing for Use

Make sure your TV and ClickStart console are both off.

Change the mouse position on the keyboard if necessary. You can adapt the mouse pad for left or right handed use by turning the knob underneath the keyboard counterclockwise to loosen. Remove the mouse pad and place it on the appropriate side and tighten the knob clockwise to secure.

Install the batteries. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the battery covers on the back of both the console and the keyboard. The keyboard requires four AA batteries and the game console requires four C batteries. Replace both battery covers using the screwdriver. For an additional cost, you can purchase an AC adapter for the console that allows you to plug it in to outlet power.

Connect the console to your television. The ClickStart console has a yellow video and a white audio wire you will plug into the corresponding video and audio jacks on your television. If you have an older television that doesn't have these jacks, you will need to purchase a video/audio adapter, available in most electronics departments.

Turn on your television and ClickStart console. Make sure to switch your television to the appropriate channel for video input, if necessary. Maintain a clear line of sight between the keyboard and the console to ensure proper communication between the two devices.

Setting Up to Play

Use the keyboard to create a player profile for each child in your home. Simply enter their name and choose a level appropriate to their age and ability. You can go back and change these settings as your child gets older or as their learning level increases by clicking on the settings tab at start up.

Log in by clicking on the child's name. The ClickStart will bring up a personalized desktop screen that saves your child's progress from previous games.

Click any icon on the desktop to begin a game or activity. If you've inserted a game cartridge, this will appear on the desktop along with the games that are already installed with the ClickStart system.

Help guide your child through the games, especially with the first few uses. This will help your child gain confidence navigating the desktop and using the games. As your child becomes more confident with the Leap Frog ClickStart computer, continue to offer your guidance to help facilitate the learning process and personal interaction.


Wipe the keyboard and console with a clean, damp cloth. Although the keyboard and console have an automatic shutoff to conserve battery power, it's a good idea to remove the batteries during prolonged periods of inactivity.


Do not use rechargeable batteries. Try not to drop or take apart the console or keyboard.

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