How to Troubleshoot a VTech Hand Held Video Game

The Mobigo by VTech is a hand-held video game unit designed for children ages 3 to 7. It uses a color touchscreen for most games and comes equipped with a slide-out keyboard to introduce children to the basic layout of a keyboard and simple typing. The games are intended to teach young children skills involving the alphabet, rhyming, counting, types of lines and basic addition. The unit uses four AA batteries. You can also purchase an AC adapter or car charger. Occasionally, you may have a problem with your Mobigo, but there are a few steps you can take to alleviate the difficulty.

Change the batteries or plug the Mobigo in if the LCD display does not come on after turning the unit on or if it turns on and then immediately off. The battery power could be low. When changing the batteries, locate both battery compartments on the back of the unit. There is one on each side. Slide the battery covers off and insert two AA batteries per compartment, lining up the batteries for polarity. Replace the battery covers and turn the unit on.

Unplug the headphones from the headphone jack and turn up the volume if there is no sound but the unit is turned on and you can see graphics on the LCD display.

Remove the game cartridge and check it for dust or dirt if the unit says "Please insert a cartridge" after you have inserted one. Dust in the cartridge can prevent a good connection with the game console. When inserting the cartridge, press firmly but gently until the cartridge clicks completely into place.

Reset the Mobigo if the screen is frozen or no picture appears on the screen and the unit does not respond to being turned off. Unplug the unit if it is plugged in and remove the batteries to completely disconnect the Mobigo from a power source. Replace the batteries or plug the unit in, and turn the Mobigo on.

Check the connection of the USB cord if the computer does not recognize the Mobigo. Also, be sure to plug the USB into a USB port on the computer, not a USB hub. Sometimes a hub does not properly recognize the game console. If you have not installed the Mobigo software, disconnect the unit from the computer and download the software. The software can be downloaded from the Vtech Kids website.


When inserting batteries, use only batteries that are the same age--don't mix old and new--and the same type, such as alkaline, lithium or rechargeable.