Tips for Preparing Children's Clothing for Consignment

Selling your child's clothes that no longer fit puts extra money in your pocket, but the way you prepare the clothes will affect how much you get from a consignment shop 1. Clothes that are in good shape and are presented neatly will likely get you a higher offer. If you're ready to part with some of your tot's old outfits, knowing how to prepare the clothes is key to a successful consignment experience.

Check on Guidelines

Each consignment store sets its own standards and guidelines for preparing and selling clothing. A store that specializes in children's clothes and products is often the best option for your little one's clothes. The staff knows what is popular and is willing to pay for the best clothing. Read through the requirements on the store's website, or call the store. You might need to put the clothes in a certain type of container or limit your offerings to a certain amount. Some consignment stores only accept clothing for the upcoming season.

Sort and Inspect the Clothes

Before you head to the consignment store, you need to know what you have. Sort the clothes by size and clothing type. All pieces of an outfit should go together so the consignment store sees the full value of the set. Most stores have standards on the quality of the clothing they accept. Remove any items that are stained, damaged or excessively worn because they won't likely be accepted. Some consignment shops only accept name brand clothing 2. Keep this in mind as you sort the clothes.

Make Minor Repairs

Some kids' clothes are beyond help, but other items with only minor stains or damage might still have life in them. Look through the pile you separated that wasn't in good shape. If an item is otherwise a quality piece, a stain remover might help you get a spot out of the clothing. Replacing buttons that are missing or securing loose buttons with a few extra stitches salvages a piece of clothing that might otherwise be rejected. You can also stitch up gaps in seams for a quick repair.

Wash Clothing

Freshly washed kids' clothing presents much better than items you've had stuffed in a bag for months. Launder and dry all of the clothes you plan to sell right before you take them to the consignment store 1. The clothes look better when neatly folded right out of the dryer. Fold outfits together so the components stay as a unit. A plastic tub with a lid allows you to stack the clothing items neatly while keeping them clean on the trip to the consignment store.