How to Repair an Ameda Breast Pump

Ameda is a company that specializes in providing quality breast pumps to breastfeeding women. Ameda sells electric, manual and hospital-grade breast pumps, as well as accessories such as creams, gel pads, nursing pads, nipple shields, freezer bags and milk collection bottles. On occasion, an Ameda breast pump will malfunction. Following some basic repair guidelines will help you get your breast pump back in working order quickly so you won’t have to disrupt your baby’s feeding schedule.

Electrical Pump

Unplug the power cord from the outlet, then wait for few seconds before plugging it back in, if you lose power to the pump

Pull the white connector and the tubing off the side of the pump if the suction power has decreased. Place your finger over the pump outlet to feel for suction. Unplug from the wall and wait for a few seconds, then try again if you feel no suction.

Check to see that the collection kit is assembled properly if you feel suction on your finger. Also, closely inspect the white valve for any type of pinhole or tear. Replace with a spare valve if it is damaged 1.

Ameda One Hand Pump

Release the handle of the pump if the milk will not drip into the collection bottle properly.

Release the handle of the pump a few extra times if the flow of the milk from the breast is too fast for the pump to handle.

Inspect the white valve on the pump if you have lost suction. Replace the valve if it has any size of hole or tear.

Disassemble the pump and remove the piston seal, while stretching the outer lip with your fingers and thumbs if the suction in your pump has diminished. Alternately, place the seal with the open side down on a flat surface and push on it. Repeat this twice, then reassemble the pump.


Phone (866) 99-AMEDA as of October 2010 if your pump problems can’t be remedied and you need to speak with a customer service representative.

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