How to Put Parental Controls on a Laptop

With the wide variety of information available on the Internet, you might want to place parental controls on what your child can and cannot access on the computer. Putting parental controls on a laptop might be even more beneficial than on a family PC because your child can access the computer where he may not have someone watching over his shoulder, such as at school or a friend’s home. Windows 8 has a built-in parental control feature that offers parental controls without needing to download a third-party program.

Sign-in to the "Admin" account on your Windows 8 platform 2. Windows 8 automatically sets up one user account when you run through the initial setup of your laptop; you will need to add a user account for each child that accesses the laptop 2.

Hover the mouse in the lower-right corner of the screen to open the “Charms Bar.” Select “Settings” and click on “Change PC Settings.”

Click on “Users” in the left options bar on the screen. Choose “Add a User” in the change PC setting menu to create a user account for your child 2. If your child has a Microsoft account, enter the email address she uses to access her Microsoft account. Alternatively, select “Sign in Without a Microsoft Account” and follow the prompts to set up a new account if you do not want her to have a Microsoft account. Click “Next.”

Select the box next to “Is This a Child’s Account?" Turn on "Family Safety" to get reports of your child's PC use.” Click “Finish.”

Select the account name in the upper-right corner to produce a drop-down menu. Select the account you created for your child. Enter the email password for the Microsoft account or password you chose when you created the account. Press “Enter” to allow the laptop to set up the new user account. Sign back into the "Admin" account to change the user settings.

Type “Control Panel” from the start screen and press “Enter.”

Click “User Accounts” and “Manage Another Account.” Click “Set Up Family Safety” and select your child’s user account.

Click “On” under “Family Safety” to enable parental controls. Click “On” under “Activity Reporting” to monitor the Web pages and apps your child uses on the computer.

Select “Web Filtering” to change the websites your child can access while on the laptop. Choose from only allowing sites you select to allowing your child to access all sites other than adult Web pages. On this page, you can also limit your child’s access to social networking sites.

Choose “Time Limits” to set the exact time your child can use the computer. Set up specific time frames for each day of the week or time frames for weekend and weekday use.

Click on “Windows Store and Game Restrictions” to limit what your child can and cannot do on the Windows Store and limit the games he can play.

Choose “App Restrictions” to limit or restrict app use on the laptop.

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