How to Check If a Daycare Has State Violations in Florida

The decision about which daycare to place your child in isn't a simple one. After all, your child will spend hours in his day care and so you want the experience to be a healthy one. Your child has multiple needs that should be cared for while he is in his day care setting, including physical, emotional, social and educational ones. With those needs in mind, be sure to research your daycare options. In the state of Florida, you can look up potential daycare providers and facilities to determine if they have any violations on record.

Visit the Florida Department of Children and Families Child Care Provider Search website.

From the drop-down menu, select the county where the daycare is located.

Enter additional details about the daycare if you have them, including daycare name, zip code or license number. If you don't know any of these and only enter the county, the search results will display all daycare facilities in the selected county.

Select the provider type from the drop-down menu and use the checkboxes to select one or more service options available from the provider.

Click the "Search" button at the bottom of the screen to bring up a list of providers that meet your criteria.

Click the "Report" option next to each inspection date to read the results of the report, which includes a list of any violations the center has.

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