Hot Wheels Track Instructions

Hot Wheels tracks provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages. The choice of tracks vary from simple tracks for beginners to very extensive (and more expensive) tracks for those kids (and parents) who want the ultimate Hot Wheels challenge including stunts. You need a decent amount of space to assemble a track, and adult supervision is suggested if you're assembling for the first time.


Set up tracks on flat surfaces only. The tracks themselves come with tongue pieces on one end. The tongue slides into the open (opposite) end of another piece of track. Special stunt sets also have one tongued end and one open end for easy assembly. The cars with not run smoothly unless you insert each piece fully into its counterpart. If you have a set with stunts like loops, connect them and tracks in any order you want. Almost all sets are manufactured to adapt to track you may already own, which can allow you to expand your set.


Hot Wheels sets range from the simple starter set (which requires batteries) to the "Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing Set." Many of these sets carry a theme ("Dino Launcher," "T-Rex Rampage Play," etc.) but most are easy to assemble using the same track/tongue system. Some sets like the "Power Loop Stunt Zone" has two vertical loops that are crossed to create a globe-like effect. Additionally a portion of the track can be attached to a table or chair to help stabilize the entire track.


Most Hot Wheels sets come with only one car, but some will not work properly without multiple cars. For example, the "Trick Tracks Stunt Play" set (with three stunts) requires one car per stunt. Be aware that some sets will require batteries. The "Power Loop Stunt Zone" for one needs batteries for its speed booster.

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