How to Order a Gerber Baby Spoon

The Gerber baby has been around since 1928 and continues to be one of the most recognized baby faces of all time. Gerber baby spoons are another tradition born from the Gerber Company (now owned by Nestle) that has continued through the generations to this day. Feeding your baby from a keepsake Gerber spoon for the first time is a wonderful memorable moment. Getting a personalized spoon for your baby is easy and creates a lifelong keepsake for your child to cherish forever.

Visit the website Click on the "Special Offers" link and find the link for "Promotions."

Select the spoon from the images shown that you would like to order and personalize for your infant. They typically have a short- or long-handled version available. The site will ask you to register your email address to receive coupons and promotions in your mailbox. You can sign up for the service and unsubscribe at any time, or bypass this by going to the link

Click on the highlighted words "Order by Mail." This will open up a PDF form that you can print and fill out to order your spoons. Follow the directions on the form and enclose a check for the proper amount and mail it to the address located at the bottom of the form. Your keepsake Gerber baby spoon should arrive within eight weeks.


If you are ordering as a gift, be sure to order in advance as it may take two months to arrive. Double-check the spelling on the form before you send it. The spoons may not be available forever, and the order form that Gerber is currently using is only valid through January 2010. You can contact the company at 1-800-4-Gerber if you missed the offer end date to see if more spoons are available, or check the website for updates on their promotional offers. The spoons will only ship in the United States.

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