How to Get a Copy of a French Birth Certificate

French birth certificates have three forms. The first, which is in the public domain, gives only the name of the person born. The second gives the parents' names, and the third is the long-form birth register that gives the parent information as well as other events in the life of the person born, such as marriage. The last two forms may only be obtained by the person whose name is on the certificate, parents and grandparents of the person, descendants or spouse.

Order a copy online. If you were born in France, some cities will allow you to order a copy of your birth certificate online. Provide answers to the questions and submit your request. This may take about ten minutes. You will receive your copy through the mail.

Request a copy through the mail. You will need to write to the Office of the Mayor in the town of the place of birth. The request should be made in French and include the full name at the time of birth, date and place of birth, and both parents' full names at time of birth, including mother's maiden name. You must include a self-addressed stamped envelope and there is no charge. It will need to addressed in this format:

Monsieur le Maire

Bureau de l'Etat-Civil,

Mairie de (place of birth)

(postcode) (place of birth), France

Mail your request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs if you are a French national born abroad. Include all information regarding date and place of birth as well as parents' names at the time of birth. There is no cost for the request, but you will need to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Ministère des Affaires étrangères

Service central d'état civil 1

11 rue de la Maison Blanche

44941 NANTES Cedex 09

Tel: 02-51-77-30-30

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