How to Register Cabbage Patch Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids first appeared in the early 1980s and quickly became popular toys. Play Along, which bought the brand from Toys ‘R Us in 2004, produces a line of 16-inch Kids, as well as babies called Lil’ Sprouts, ponies and puppies. Proud parents can register their adopted kids or pets at Play Along’s Cabbage Patch Kids website. After completing the registration process, you can print out an official birth certificate and change the doll’s information if desired.

Visit the Play Along Cabbage Patch Kids website at Click the “Adoption Center” link.

Enter your username and password in the boxes provided. Click “Login.” If you haven’t registered, click the “Haven’t Joined?” box to create a new account.

Click the link provided to register a Cabbage Patch Kid. Type the registration number that appears in the bottom left corner on the doll’s Official Adoption Papers in the box provided. Click “Submit” to complete the Cabbage Patch Kid’s registration.

Click the link to register a Lil’ Sprout Cabbage Patch doll. Think of a name for your doll and enter it in the box provided. Enter the doll’s date of birth then click “Submit.”

Click the link provided to register a Cabbage Patch Pony or Puppy. Type a name for your pet in the box provided. Enter a date of birth for your pony. Enter a date of birth and adoption date for your puppy. Type in the details of your puppy’s appearance, such as fur color, in the boxes provided. Click “Submit.”


Click the link under your registered doll’s information to print out a copy of the birth certificate. Click the “Make Change” link to edit the Cabbage Patch doll’s information. Older dolls manufactured by Coleco, Hasbro, Mattel and Toys ‘R Us cannot be registered.

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