How to Run a Hula Hoop Contest

Who's got the groove? Hula hooping requires that special zen of a good beat and a calm, steady presence. It's great fun for kids and adults alike, so add a few hoops to your yard and let the contest begin.

Grab a few hula hoops. Your local discount store or toy store is likely to have a bunch. Select a few sizes (from smaller circumference to the largest) to add to your toys. Also consider fun ones that light up or that have groovy wrapping.

Announce round one. Have two or three people or more, depending on how many hula hoops you have, start off. The last one still hula hooping is the winner of that round and continues to the next.

Start round two with the winner of the first round and new contestants. Again, the last one still going is the one who wins the round.

Continue with the rounds until you have one clear winner. Celebrate and give them a prize. It might be a simple hug or something more elaborate.

Consider teaming parents and kids in rounds. Also, you can simply have one winner per round to increase the number of winners.


Make sure you encourage everyone. Hula hooping is an acquired skill. Add music if it adds to the fun.

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