How to Make a Doll Baby Birth Certificate

To your child, her baby doll can feel as special and important as a real baby. Add a personalized touch to this experience by presenting your child with a birth certificate for her baby doll. The time and effort you put into creating this document will be well worth the smile and hug you get in return.

Open a new word-processing document on your computer, such as Microsoft Word 1. Change the page orientation by going to the “Format” tab. Select the “Document” option. Click the “Page Layout” button and choose the “Horizontal” option.

Add a border to your document from the "Format" tab, if desired. Scroll through the options until you find a border you like, then click it to apply it to your document.

Change the horizontal alignment to “Centered” and font size to “20.” Press the "Caps Lock" key and type “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” on the top line.

Change the font size to “16.” Enter the vital information that you would find on a regular birth certificate. Type the doll’s full name and hit "Return." Type “Born: ” and fill in a month, day and year and “At ” for the time. Hit "Return." Type in a city and state for the location of birth. On the next line, add a weight “ lbs. and oz.” and length “ inches.” Hit "Return" and enter “Attending Physician:” and add a name. On the last line, type in the doll owner’s name. Omit some of these information lines, if desired.

Click on a clip art image that you like, under the “Insert” tab. This could be a baby or a baby item. Resize it by clicking the image, hold the curser over one of the small square tabs that pop up by the corners of the image and drag it around until you like the image size. Move the image to the top, bottom or corner of your doll's birth certificate by clicking on the image and dragging it to the desired area.

Center all of the words on your page by clicking "Return" above the “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” until the words are where you want them to be, if desired.

Print the document on a letter-sized piece of thick card stock with the “Best” printing setting. If you want to make it extra sturdy, attach the birth certificate to a piece of colored card stock that is slightly larger than the birth certificate, using a glue stick. Mount it in a document picture frame, if desired.