How to Find People in Singapore

Searching for lost family members or old schoolmates can be frustrating, particularly if you don’t have financial resources. However, you might be able to locate the person through a basic Internet search, using his name, phone number, address or any other piece of information. Though these basic services are for free, you may have to rely on a detective if your Internet searches yield no fruit.

Visit the website for Rednano People Search, an online white-pages directory that lets users access basic residential information about residents of Singapore 12. Just type in the person’s name in the search box, and you will be shown information including address and phone number.

Look up the person on People Search Links, a website similar to Rednano People Search that shows similar results 1.

Look up the person on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Simply type in the person’s name in the search box, and hit “Enter.” The website will then show you that person’s profile, if he has joined that particular network. You won’t be able to contact the person on the network without registering for an account yourself.

Visit the "Phone Book of the World" website, which offers links to the residential white pages for Singapore, where you can then look up the person by name 12.

Hire a private detective in Singapore if you’re unable to find the person in any other way. Consider this option only if it's worth the cost. Negotiate the fee in advance so you will know what kinds of expenses to expect.


Any information about the person will be useful in conducting a search. For example, if you know she is a student, you can check websites of various schools and universities. If you know his profession, you can check websites of professional associations or classified directory listings.

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