How to Fit the Batteries to a Vintage AT-AT

In 1981, shortly after the premiere of the movie “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,” the Kenner Toy Company released a toy version of the Star Wars Imperial AT-AT walker, 17-1/2 inches tall and 22 inches long. Designed for use with the Star Wars line of action figures, it holds up to 10 action figures inside. Features include laser cannons that light up and pulsate. Two "D" cell batteries power the cannons, and fitting them in the toy is an elementary process.

Place the AT-AT walker in front of you in an upright position with the sliding door on the side of the toy's body facing you.

Slide the door open. Simply by insert your fingernail into the door's handle and pull it in the direction away from the head.

Look into the floor of the walker's interior. The battery cover will be visible. Insert a coin into the seam between the battery cover and the walker floor. Tilt the coin backward to pry up the cover.

Look on the interior lid of the battery cover. A negative sign (-) should appear on the side of the cover closest to the head. A positive sign (+) should appear on the other side of the cover.

Place two "D" cell batteries end-to-end inside the battery chamber. Align the positive ends of the batteries and point them in the direction of the positive sign 1. Press the cover of the battery chamber down over the batteries until it clicks into place.

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